RedBuilt Leadership

RedBuilt Leadership

Thomas Denig, Director

Mr. Denig was a lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps before joining Trus Joist Corporation in 1974. He has served as a sales representative and sales management positions, including Western Division Manager, and Vice President of Eastern Operations. In 1990, he became President of Trus Joist Corporation, and in 1995 moved to President and CEO of TJ International, Inc., parent company of Trus Joist Corporation. TJ International was acquired by Weyerhaeuser Company in February, 2000. Mr. Denig served as President of Trus Joist, a Weyerhaeuser Business until his retirement in May, 2005. Mr. Denig currently serves as a director of JM Huber Engineered Wood and Bridgewell Resources LLC.

Kurt Liebich, Chairman of the Board & CEO

Mr. Liebich joined Trus Joist in 1994 as a Corporate Finance Manager. Kurt served in numerous roles, including Production Manager of the Stayton facility, VP of Marketing for Trus Joist, and Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Operations. In early 2005, Kurt succeeded Tom Denig as Vice President of Trus Joist and stepped down as Vice President of Marketing for iLevel (Weyerhaeuser’s Wood Products division) in 2007. Mr. Liebich serves as a trustee for the Riverstone International School, Director of the Lee Pesky Learning Center, and Director of Project Lead the Way.  Additionally he serves on the Board of Directors for RedBuilt LLC, New Wood Resources LLC and Erickson Construction.

Don Schwabe, President

Mr. Schwabe has over 25 years of experience in the wood products industry.  Don joined Trus Joist in 1994 and served in a variety of roles , including sales and product management, prior to becoming the Marketing Director for Trus Joist/Weyerhaeuser 2003-2011, and Director of U.S. Sales for Trus Joist products from 2011-2014.   In 2015 Don joined the RedBuilt team as Chief Marketing Officer.  Don also holds a Masters Degree in Management from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Bruce Murphy, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Mr. Murphy began his career with Trus Joist/Weyerhaeuser in 1982. He served in accounting and finance management roles in numerous Trus Joist divisions, multiple manufacturing facilities, International Operations and several merger and acquisition projects.  He has over 30 years of experience in the engineered wood products industry.

Ted Osterberger, Vice President of Operations

Mr. Osterberger joined Trus Joist/Weyerhaeuser in 1995. He has served in various technical positions within the company, including technical support, research and development and Manager of Product Applications at the Weyerhaeuser’s Corporate Technology Center. His prior position was Senior Vice President of Engineering for Commercial Resources, responsible for product quality and technical support for all commercial applications.

Randy Ruim, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Mr. Ruim joined Trus Joist as a sales representative in 1981. He held a number of sales representative and management positions, including Canadian Prairie Region Sales Manager, Northwest and Western Region Sales Manager and Northwest Region General Manager. In 2005, Mr. Ruim succeeded Kurt Liebich as the V.P./General Manager of Commercial Sales for the iLevel Trus Joist Commercial Business.

Brent Vezzoso, Vice President of IT and Business Intelligence

Mr. Vezzoso joined RedBuilt earlier this year and has more than 19 years leading organizations in the area of enterprise IT management, services sales and support delivery.

Jason Weber, VP Sales