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Grand Hotel Parking Garage: Saving time, money and space

When Spokane-based design-build contractor DIVCON, Inc. was designing a 900-stall, 250,000 square foot parking garage for the Grand Hotel, they had a choice to make. Should they use a traditional hand-set framing method for the forms, as they had on garage projects in the past, or should they use prefabricated, concrete forming tables from RedBuilt?

They chose the forming tables, a decision that enabled them to shave three months off their construction schedule.

“When the owner told us we needed to finish the project much sooner than anticipated, we knew we had to find an alternative solution to hand-set shoring,” says Shane Miller, President of DIVCON. “We’d worked with RedBuilt before on commercial projects, and after researching the tables’ labor advantage, time savings and re-use potential, it just made sense.”

Construction began in April and the project was complete by early October. In the end, the project required only 21 pouring days versus the 28 the team had planned—an achievement that helped lower costs. “The tables kept everyone productive,” says Miller. “There was no lag in production and our crew was always three pours ahead. Thanks to the tables’ wide footprint and long spans, we eliminated a lot of shoring, too.”

Because of the site’s constricted size, RedBuilt manufactured the 8′ x 22′ tables in Stayton, Oregon, and delivered them just-in-time for installation. Throughout the process, RedBuilt worked closely with the DIVCON team to ensure they had what they needed. “After the first three tables we tweaked the specifications,” says DIVCON Project Manager Jeremy Kinney. “We changed the dunnage placement and wanted the edges more beveled. RedBuilt was there when we required assistance and refined and customized the tables to our specifications.”

“We also needed a high re-use level on the formface, which is why we chose Super-Matte™ MDO by Olympic® Panel Products,” explained Kinney. “It has higher re-use than any MDO panel on the market today. After finishing the project, we moved tables back to our yard that we won’t even have to resurface,” he says. “They performed very well. We’ll get at least 15 pours out of the tables.”

Kinney says forming tables kept the project site safer, too, because pieces weren’t likely to fall over the edge of the deck—a hazard that can occur with hand-set forming. “Fall protection even came pre-installed,” says Kinney. “When our guys were up on the deck, we had fewer safety concerns. In this business, the biggest risk is falling from height, but using the RedBuilt tables helped us minimize risk.”

Now that the parking garage is complete, guests at the Grand Hotel have ample space to park their vehicles. And though they may never know the benefits of using concrete forming tables to create a garage versus traditional hand-set forming, they certainly reap its benefits.