Articles and White Papers


MSR Madness

By Dwaine Charbonneau, P.E.

Machine Stress Rating is a vital assessment for RedBuilt truss chord material, and has played an essential role in making the RedBuilt open-web truss a proven performer for more than fifty years.

Think Outside the Rectangle

By Mary M. Eun, PMP

Originally published in the Fall 2015 edition of Wood Design & Building, this article illustrates how open-web trusses allow for design creativity and the ability to create visually interesting roof systems.

Strut Bracing

By Ben Seely, P.E. and David Cortnik, EIT

Strut bracing prevents lateral buckling of the chord members until adequate stability is achieved by connection of the sheathing. RedBuilt provides this bracing with every job, at no additional cost.

Pin vs Plated Trusses:  The Devil is in the Details

By Wilson Antoniuk, P.E.

This white-paper will help you explore the "details" in light commercial roof construction.

Deeper is Cheaper

By Dwaine Charbonneau, P.E. at RedBuiltTM

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a deeper depth open-web truss is often a more economical solution. Dwaine Charbonneau, corporate engineer at RedBuilt, explains why.

Understanding floor performance in wood-based construction

By Dave Schubert, P.E. and Dwaine Charbonneau, P.E.

This white-paper will increase your understanding of floor vibration and floor performance and the complexities involved with specifying a floor that performs predictably.