Green Building

Green Building

Resource Efficiency

Consider all of the positive attributes of wood when selecting your building material of choice. In addition to its structural properties, high strength-to-weight ratio, and ease of construction, wood is a naturally occurring, renewable resource that requires less energy to produce than steel or concrete. And it sequesters carbon–whether on the stump or in your structure.   

Our RedBuilt™ Red-I™ I-joists, RedLam™ LVL, and Open-Web trusses are now available with FSC® credits. Whether you’re looking for LEED® certification or simply because you want to ensure efficient use of raw materials, we can help. By making better use of every tree, RedBuilt™ produces cost-effective, consistently available engineered wood products that reduce environmental impact. The result is a quality wood product that offers superior strength and reliable performance. 

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RedBuilt FSC® Chain of Custody Certification

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