Revit Families

RedBuilt BIM Library

RedBuilt™ now offers Revit families for our Open-Web trusses and our Red-I™ joists, enabling you to more accurately depict your roof, ceiling, and floor framing in your BIM projects. We’ve also partnered with BIMsmith, so you can access RedBuilt Revit families, technical docs, and compare key product statistics all in one place.

We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure it’s easy for you to access and design with BIM by RedBuilt. Our available Open-Web truss families for Revit include the RedBuilt™ Red-L™, Red-W™, Red-S™, Red-M™, and Red-H™ series trusses in parallel, tapered, and pitched profiles with to-scale truss bearing clips. For detailed information about using the RedBuilt™ suite of Open-Web truss families for Revit Architecture, open the Open-Web truss user guide. Download RedBuilt Revit families and get started designing with RedBuilt Engineered Wood Products for Revit today.

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Revit Ceiling Configurator

RedBuilt has partnered with BIMsmith to enable you to design complete floor, ceiling, and roofing assemblies for Revit in the cloud using BIMsmith Forge.

BIMsmith Forge Ceiling Configurator

BIMsmith Forge is a free tool that allows you to build floor, ceiling, and roofing systems layer-by-layer using generic or manufacturer-specific Revit materials. Need a system for your next Revit project? Simply select any of RedBuilt's open-web trusses under Engineered Wood, or build with a pre-assembled RedBuilt System Starter. BIMsmith Forge is free and easy to use - try it out for your next floor, ceiling, or roofing system!

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Open Web Trusses for Revit

RedBuilt's founders invented the innovative composite steel and engineered wood open-web truss over fifty years ago. Since its introduction in 1960, the open-web truss has become one of the most widely used engineered wood building products in commercial construction. 

RedBuilt Red-H, Red-L, Red-W, Red-S, and Red-M are all Open-web trusses. Open-Web trusses give you the advantages of wood and steel - their high strength-to-weight ratio and long span capabilities free you to design and build large open spaces of over 100 feet wide. To design with RedBuilt Red-H trusses in Revit, simply download the Revit family from the RedBuilt BIM Library, then navigate to your Revit project, click "Insert" on the Ribbon, and "Load Family." Navigate to where the downloaded family was saved, and click "Load." 

RedBuilt Red-H Open Web Truss in Revit

RedBuilt Red-H Open Web Truss in Revit


RedBuilt Red-L Open-Web Truss in Revit

RedBuilt Red-L Open Web Truss in Revit