Long Span Applications

Long Span Applications

Due to the nature of long-span trusses, RedBuilt™ employs a preemptive process to help avoid the pitfalls of long-span installation.

Our many years of experience have shown that installing long-span trusses requires additional jobsite safety consideration. All by themselves, trusses are laterally unstable. The longer the truss, the less stable they become, which translates into trusses that are unruly and difficult to handle and install. The result is a need to install truss systems spanning 70’ and longer using a modular process.

Here’s how we work with you to help ensure the safe and proper installation of long-span trusses:


  • Provide you with modular installation details to be included in the construction documents
  • Provide the appropriate specification language ensuring a modular process is employed during installation


  • Provide modular installation details in shop drawings
  • Provide modular installation and handling education to office and field personnel as required

For additional information please see “Long Span Installation Bracing” section in our RedBuilt™ Open-Web Trusses guide or call you local technical representative